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SQL/R A.03.00 Release Notes

Welcome to the SQL/R A.03.00 release.

SQL/R provides SQL access to the Eloquence database.

Note that the above two SQL/R product options are licensed separately.

The SQL/R A.03.00 release implements a number of enhancements.

The current SQL/R A.03.00 version is A.03.33 (A.03.35 beta test).
Fixed Problems and Recent Changes

Installation and Upgrade

Please refer to the SQL/R A.03.00 installation documents below for an overview of SQL/R installation and platform specific details, as well as information on updated License Keys.

SQL/R A.03.00 license key

SQL/R A.03.00 requires a license key revision of A.03.00 or higher.

If an Eloquence Personal Edition is installed and no valid SQL/R license key is detected, a two user license is granted automatically.

To request a SQL/R license key, please contact

ODBC driver backwards compatibility

The SQL/R A.03.00 ODBC server is fully backwards compatible to previous ODBC drivers. Consequently, updating the ODBC server side to A.03.00 server does not require updating all clients.

The SQL/R A.03.00 client / ODBC driver by default uses a new network protocol which supports the encryption and auditing functionality. This protocol is not backwards compatible with previous SQL/R A.02.xx server versions.

To communicate with a previous SQL/R A.02.xx server, the SQL/R client / ODBC driver must be configured to use the backwards-compatible A02 network protocol.

The A02 network protocol is used: