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SQL/R - Report Generator for Eloquence

The SQL/R Report Generator is an extension to Eloquence which makes it easy to create even complex reports on the fly.

Your data is a valuable resource for your business. It is important that all relevant information about your business is available transparently and up-to-date. Often there are specific needs for information by individual users.

While it's almost impossible to develop programs to fulfill all needs it's often either impossible or too slow to use Eloquence QUERY. SQL/R provides a fast and convenient solution to cover all requests on information.

SQL/R functionality

Supported platforms

SQL/R is available for HP 9000 and HP Integrity servers:

  • PA-RISC based systems: HP-UX 11iv1 (11.11) or later is required.
  • Itanium based systems: HP-UX 11iv2 (11.23) or later is required.

SQL/R is available as an RPM package for the IA32 (i686), AMD64/EM64T (x86_64) and IA64 (Itanium) architecture.

SQL/R is available for 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) systems:

  • Windows XP, Server 2003 or later is required.


The SQL/R software is available for download. Please refer to the SQL/R download page for details.


For evaluation purposes you can request a temporary license key. It expires after four weeks.

Support options

Software Update Subscription (SUS)

We continually improve our products and release new versions periodically. We also release maintenance versions and patches for previously released versions, fixing issues, adding enhancements or adapting it to newer operating system versions.

This allows you to benefit from product improvements while protecting your investment in the product and your application.

Base Line Support (BLS)

SQL/R Base Line Support provides a foundation of support services for the SQL/R product. It covers questions on installing, configuring or using the product and includes software updates.

Your SQL/R BLS Agreement gives you a qualified response by a Marxmeier software expert. It includes any questions on installing, configuring or using the product. Support requests which are subject to a fair use policy may be submitted by email or through the Marxmeier Software web site. While we will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible, the guaranteed response time is next business day (German public holidays excluded). This service does not cover any consulting or training.

If you are working with a Marxmeier partner, they will typically be your primary contact who will qualify your request and propose the best solution. As your Marxmeier Partner is familiar with your environment and your application(s) they are in a unique position to work with you. If and as necessary, the SQL/R lab team at Marxmeier Software will get involved in resolving the issue.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on our products. We will be glad to help you.